IRB Synthetic Rugby Pitch in Brownside

IRB Synthetic Rugby Pitch in Brownside

If you are looking to have a synthetic rugby pitch accredited to IRB standards, we can install these facilities and also carry out performance testing on the surface.

Rugby Field Testing in Brownside

Rugby Field Testing in Brownside

There are a number of tests which are carried out to assess rugby pitch surfaces, these include durability checks, ball interaction tests and player interaction assessments.

IRB Pitch Accreditation in Brownside

IRB Pitch Accreditation in Brownside

A synthetic sports surface must meet all the required criteria in terms of performance and safety in order to receive an IRB Type 22 accreditation.

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IRB Type 22 Synthetic Rugby Pitch in Brownside

An IRB Type 22 synthetic rugby pitch can be installed in Brownside BB10 4 to meet IRB requirements for a professional quality playing surface. We provide specialist services to install and test artificial grass surfaces to ensure they are up to the correct standards. When building a new turf pitch for use with rugby, the latest technology of synthetic carpet will be used to give the best playing qualities. These rugby pitches are installed in Brownside at training grounds, sports clubs and schools as a more durable alternative to natural grass pitches. To learn about the installations we carry out please click here The specification that we use is a 3G synthetic turf surface which is infilled with sand and rubber to provide natural and comfortable performance capabilities.

What is an IRB Accredited Surface?

An IRB accredited surface is a facility that meets the requirements of a pitch sutied for professional use according to International Rugby Board. These facilities are mainly used for sports teams and club, leisure centres and even as full stadium pitches. We are a highly trained installer of these pitches and work nationwide to install this turf type. Our prices may not be the cheapest out there, however we take pride in offering only the best quality possible in relation to both the materials we use, and our installation process.

IRB Rugby Field Testing Near Me

In order to check that the synthetic turf surface nearby you in Brownside BB10 4 and in surrounding areas, meets the right requirements, IRB rugby field testing needs to be carried out. These consist of a number of performance and safety checks which determine the quality of the finished surface. Testing is done to check for durability, this ensures that the sports pitch provides playing qualities which are suited to the sport and mimic those of a natural grass surface. The synthetic carpet surfacing will also be subject to climatic resistance testing which checks to see if the area is resilient to the effects of natural weather like rain and wind. To learn more abour our team please click here A sports surface with the characteristics of an IRB Type 22 artificial surface should offer good player/surface interaction and be able to withstand the effects of play. Finally, rugby field testing will be done to see how the ball interacts with the surface in terms of rolling and bouncing.

How to Install an accredited Rugby Surface

When installed correctly, the specialist 3G sports turf will meet IRB Type 22 synthetic rugby pitch requirements.

  1. The construction process firstly involves fitting a porous stone sub base with a layer of macadam to act as a durable foundation.
  2. Next, a shockpad will be put down for added safety and impact absorption which protects players during training and matches.
  3. Finally the 3G synthetic carpet shall be laid out and secured with glue, and then the sand and rubber infill shall be applied and evenly distributed throughout.

In order to comply with the IRB accreditation, the final surface must contain the key qualities of durability, climatic resistance, player/surface interaction and ball/surface interaction. Please contact our expert team today by filling in the quick contact form on this page to talk about the Type 22 synthetic pitch accreditation. We would be happy to offer you some more information and a product sheet on the specifications and costs to install this type of surface in Brownside and surrounding areas.

IRB Pitch Maintenance Near Me

Whilst it is important to have specialist tests done if you are looking to have your 3G synthetic pitch accredited to Type 22 standards, you may also need IRB pitch maintenance carried out. We offer both professional testing and maintenance services to check each of these characteristics, as well as carrying out assessments to determine any maintenance which may be required. It is recommended that you have regular performance and safety checks carried out on an artificial turf sports pitch in order to test for any damage or problems which might arise. This will help to reduce costs of repairs or maintenance in the future as you can spot issues and deal with them as soon as possible. Our team are specialists in rugby pitch construction - presented here - so you can be sure you'll be getting a great quality service and end result.

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Please get in touch with us today through the simple enquiry form on this page and one of our experts will get back to you with an idea of the costs to related to your IRB Type 22 synthetic rugby pitch in Brownside BB10 4 .

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